Harnessing the power of AI, EnsoData is simplifying the process for analyzing the human body to help clinicians more precisely...


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The Mission

EnsoData came to The Key to successfully announce its Series A funding, introduce its Waveform AI product to the healthtech space, grow their talented team, and show the world what it means to “embrace
the pineapple.”

To EnsoData's team, the pineapple represents ease - because EnsoData makes analyzing data feel like a tropical paradise. Just as well, they are sweet, hospitable, (sometimes juicy) and their unforgettable solution cuts through the noise.

In less juicy words, they needed the right strategic partner to execute a successful announcement, drive inbound partnership inquiries, and entice high-quality talent in one fell swoop.

With our track record of bearing delicious fruit launching startups, (+announcing lots of funding news, working with healthtech clients like Vital, a new company from the founder of, building brand awareness, and delivering on critical business goals, EnsoData entrusted us with the job.

It was a match made in pineapple heaven…

The Key's PR Prescription

With only a couple of weeks to shake the healthcare world up and signal where the future of health tech lies, our team got to work drafting stellar messaging and an announcement that showed the magnitude of EnsoData’s opportunity.

We knew that an important part of a successful Series A announcement was an in-depth exclusive, so we approached EnsoData’s announcement like a launch: in addition to letting the world know about its funding, we pushed EnsoData’s future growth and potential to the forefront of conversation.

With global conversations around COVID-19 and nationwide protests, we set much-needed expectations around coverage and announcement timing. Staying true to our Key Agreement to "Speak Truth", rather than pushing through and forcing an early launch date, we advised the team to hold off and give space for other voices to be heard.

Vital Business and Brand Boost

The announcement was a success across all fronts (so much so that the founder wanted to disconnect his phone for a few days) and resulted in 15 pieces of coverage with multiple shares across social media.

After securing a Crunchbase exclusive, we targeted other business, tech, local, and trade press to spread the message as broadly as possible - with top tier hits landing in Wall Street Journal and Fortune, plus key trades such as American Inno, Rock Weekly, Sleep Review Magazine, HIT Consultant, and local outlets like Milwaukee Business Times.

Social media engagement went through the roof: shares increased by 102%, impressions and interactions by 529%, and Hubspot clicks by 1195%. EnsoData’s social audience also increased by 40%.

Healthy Applicant & Partner Pool

Internally, the average inbound job applications skyrocketed from about 20 per day to more than 700, resulting in 70 to 100 qualified applicants for every advertised role. This allowed EnsoData to quickly land key hires. The announcement coverage also spurred inbound notes from potential partners such as ResMed, Inspire Medical, and the Mayo Clinic.

The Fruitful Future

We’re thrilled to continue this partnership with EnsoData and look forward to receiving our homemade pineapple hats (made by none other than the founder’s mom!).

Since launch, EnsoData has been included in Inc Magazine’s List of Best Workplaces for 2021 and Forbes 30 Under 30. The company recently announced an FDA clearance that lays the foundation for providing more accurate wearable health tracking to consumers down the line. Stay tuned!

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