Fellow is on a mission to help people brew ridiculously good coffee - partners with The Key to announce $30 Million in Series B funding


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Why Fellow came to The Key

Fellow is on a mission to help people brew ridiculously good coffee by elevating the at-home brewing experience through gear, guidance and coffee. Amidst a hotter-than-ever at-home coffee market, they came to The Key to announce their latest $30 million Series B funding round to show the world how far the company has come since launching in 2013 via a Kickstarter campaign – and what’s next. 

What we did

To make noise around the funding, we conducted extensive outreach to a range of media that reach consumers, investors, potential new hires and anyone passionate about coffee. With a wide embargo strategy, we secured a handful of key interviews ahead of announcement day with Fast Company, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal and others. We brewed up a “virtual press pour-over brew session” with founder Jake Miller to show firsthand why Fellow’s gear is so special and give the full experience of what sets the brewing experience apart. 

The Results

On announcement day, the media was buzzing over Fellow’s news. We landed coverage across top-tier business and tech press (Fast Company, TechCrunch), key trades (Daily Coffee News, Spruge, The Spoon), local Bay Area outlets (SF Business Times) and key funding newsletters (Wall Street Journal Pro VC, Fortune Term Sheet, Axios Pro Rata). 

In the words of TechCrunch’s Haje Jan Kamps: “Fellow is slowly building up a reputation for being a company to watch in the coffee space, and it got there by having deep focus on product design….With $30 million in the bank, it’s going to be interesting to see where the company is planning to expand next.“ 

We couldn’t agree more! 

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