Lalo is a mobile-first platform that gives families a safe and private space to remember, celebrate, and preserve memories of loved ones


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Why Lalo came to The Key

On the heels of a successful beta test, Lalo, the mobile-first platform that gives families a safe and private space to remember, celebrate, and preserve memories of loved ones, needed a communications partner to launch its product to consumers. Lalo entrusted The Key to execute a media campaign with the goal of an in-depth article that fully captured Lalo’s purpose to help increase investor interest and acquire more users.

What we did  

Lalo’s launch coincided with the devastating milestone of passing one million U.S. COVID-related deaths. Based on the overall topic and the timing, we knew we needed to introduce Lalo to the media with great sensitivity. Key messaging highlighted the platform as a tool to create intimate space for preserving memories about a person, allowing the grieving family members and friends to show others who their loved one was, and to foster ongoing connections. 

We knew that an important part of a successful launch was to secure an in-depth story by a writer who would understand Lalo’s value while bringing forth their future growth and potential, in a publication that would reach prospective investors. 

The Results 

The Key successfully secured an exclusive, in-depth story in TechCrunch that explained Lalo’s origin, the unique and intimate platform and how the company plans to reach more people who want to memorialize their loved ones. Our team was able to prep messaging and media train Founder and CEO Juan Media to deliver a successful story that would hit all his key points and ensure the reporter had all she needed for her editor and readers. 

Taking a precise approach drove:

  • Inbound interest from several potential institutional investors within two days of the launch
  • 300 to 400 percent increase in users
  • SEO improvements and 3x increase in website traffic

And, even in a historically tight labor market, engineers reached out to Lalo’s founder to join the team. 

All-in, the program helps ensure Lalo will continue on its mission to help millions save memories and connect around grief. 

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