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Meet Zigg Capital

Zigg Capital is a New York based global investment firm combining real estate and technology to "improve our collective quality of life, work, and community" ( Zigg was referred to The Key by a respected journalist ahead of announcing their second round of funding. Given Zigg had not formally done any communications or messaging about themselves, they needed our help to highlight their distinct role in the real estate-tech space.

Move Thoughtfully, Build Greatness

Deep, thoughtful, extended time frames can deliver transformational coverage for a company. The venture capital (VC) space is highly competitive with new funds launching all the time. As partners from the beginning, our focus was getting the story right > volume of coverage.

To achieve this, we counseled these founders to respect the media landscape, prepare in advance, and put in foundational legwork before sprinting. We put in the work to connect with top-tier outlets, negotiate, and pitch exclusives to reach target audiences. Despite the popular mantra of "move fast and break things," you can't put stories back in the bottle. Our thoughtful approach, and mutual teaching and learning reinforced natural ways of communicating the story while carving out a distinct perspective. The result was a match made in heaven.

For The Long-haul

Remaining curious allowed us to collaboratively chart a course with longevity at the core. The Key developed confident messaging and talking points, facilitated media training, and are proud of earning quality coverage when it mattered most.  

The Key secured interviews and additional coverage in Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, Fortune’s Termsheet, and Benzinga’s Fintech Focus. As a result of the funding news, Zigg Capital received additional interview requests, resulting in coverage in Protocol’s Braintrust and The Information.

Going forward, we are available to Zigg Capital and their portfolio companies as friends of the firm and part of our network. Time intensive work matters, and we embrace being the trusted partner and counsel in critical moments.


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