Meet Adrianna!

Meet Adrianna!


Tell us a little bit about your background - where were you before joining The Key team?

Prior to getting into PR, I was in graduate school pursuing a PhD in media studies and linguistics. When I was going through my Masters coursework, I realized that academia was not the place to tie together my two passions of storytelling and collaboration. I cut my graduate studies short, moved back home to California and applied for a PR internship to test the waters. After two years with that agency, I landed at The Key. At the end of the day, working in PR and at The Key gives me the ability to create stories, teach others, collaborate on big ideas, and saved me about $100K in student loans. 

Describe your work style in five words.

Hippie at heart but competitive -- meaning that every day I try to bring a level of passion and empathy to my clients, co-workers, and day-to-day tasks. But at the end of the day I love working hard and pushing myself to get those major wins for our clients. I won't stop until we get a win. 

What are you favorite kinds of projects to tackle?

I've grown to have a deep interest in fintech. From start to finish, I enjoy building stories for clients that tackle and educate about financial issues and their long-term impact. 

What’s your proudest moment at work?

Most recently, we had a client who had absolutely no media coverage - and in one day, we got three pieces mentioning them. It was such a big team win and it was awesome to see all of our collective hard work pull through so brilliantly. 

What makes you the most excited to be at The Key?

Being able to balance my personal life with my ambitious career goals. I have the freedom to pursue opportunities in my personal life, while also having the freedom and guidance (by some pretty bada** women) to really grow into a PR pro. 

Lightning Round:

Favorite office snack?

Since I work remotely from home, my favorite "office" snack has to be carrot sticks and veggies. I also go for the occasional piece of dark chocolate. 

Badass female role model? 

The Notorious RBG. Keep planking Ruth! 

Power song? 

Monster by Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver and Rick Ross. 

Favorite rockstar journalist?

Easy. Katie Benner from the NY Times 

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