Meet April

Jan 25, 2021

Tell us a little bit about your background before joining The Key team.

After growing up hiking in the Colorado Rockies and walking to my favorite ice cream shop in Denver, I moved to the Bay Area to study Communications and Urban Education at Santa Clara University. Throughout college, I was particularly interested in children’s media and film, and spent a lot of my time working with a student-run non-profit organization.

I have had the opportunity to experience working in a number of industries, but realized I wanted to follow my passion for writing, creating, and collaborating. In hopes of continuing to learn and develop my skill set, I set out to find new opportunities. This is what led me to The Key!

Describe your work style in five words.

Organized, thoughtful, imaginative, committed, and collaborative.

What are your favorite kinds of projects to tackle?

I love projects where I can see the progression from the initial stages all the way through to the end. It is exciting to be able to collaborate with a team and bring our strengths together to create something unique.

What’s your proudest moment at work (here or elsewhere)?

One of my proudest professional moments occurred at the end of a summer internship with a media company in Denver. I worked alongside a small team to help with the production of their podcasts, worked on social media content, and helped behind the scenes with the development of a new documentary film.  I was invited to be a guest on one of their podcast episodes to speak about my journey as an artist and how I have used filmmaking as a form of healing. This accomplishment stands out to me because I was able to apply the skills I learned throughout the summer to a podcast where I could tell my own story.

What makes you the most excited to be at The Key?

I am excited to learn the ropes of PR from a team of knowledgeable, creative, and passionate women.  At The Key, individual strengths are celebrated, weaknesses are improved upon, and possibilities are endless. I am amazed by the kindness and warmth the team has shown me, and I know I will continue to learn something new every day!

Lightning Round:

Favorite snack while you work? Anything salty and crunchy! My top would be: Cheez-It Crackers, PB pretzels, and Goldfish.

Badass female role model? Michelle Obama, Robin Roberts, my brilliant and beautiful mom, and my wonderful friends who show me what resilience and courage look like every day!

Power song? Anything by Fleetwood Mac! The fact that I can’t help but dance and sing (even though I’m always off-key) whenever it comes on makes me feel free. That type of freedom is what makes me feel powerful.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Time travel! I would love to be able to instantly travel to a certain time period, whether it be an important event in history, my favorite childhood memory, or meeting my future self.

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