Meet Waresa

Apr 16, 2020

Tell us a little bit about your background before joining The Key team.

I studied Business Economics and Digital Art at UC Irvine. I appreciated the challenge of my economics classes and also found a passion for creative expression in my art assignments. After graduation, I knew I wanted to find a career that would combine my passions of creating, writing, learning, and experimenting. I learned about The Key and grew extremely fond of the opportunity to use my skills to strategically develop public and media relations.

Describe your work style in five words.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

What are your favorite kinds of projects to tackle?

I love working on projects that bring people together, promote a positive end goal, and encourage creativity and dialogue.

What’s your proudest moment at work (here or elsewhere)?

My proudest professional accomplishment while freelancing was designing a marketing strategy for a client’s photography business. I outlined a plan that allowed us to collaborate efficiently and effectively to make sure we communicate his brand identity. We brainstormed different elements that would capture his ethereal and light-focused photography. In the final execution, I created a logo that was representative of his vision. Our teamwork empowered me to continue to voice my ideas and hone my skills as a communicator.

What makes you the most excited to be at The Key?

Learning alongside a powerhouse of mighty and intelligent women. I am in awe of each team member’s unique skill set and how we can come together to create magical and impactful memories for our clients.

Lightning Round:

Favorite snack while you work? Kettle corn

Badass female role model? Gloria Steinem, Meghan Markle, Reese Witherspoon

Power song? “New Soul” by Yael Naim

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Freeze time

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