2023 is a wild one! The current macroeconomic environment puts pressure on every single business decision. Coupled with SVB’s collapse and uncertainty within banking partners and the fundraising landscape, this sets off a storm that will reverberate for years in the technology world. With all the work to broaden representation in a painfully homogenous industry, we’ve already seen funding dollars and investment in DEIB pulled back as uncertain times threaten a reversion to ‘pattern recognition’ and all that implies.

Successful business leaders need the right partners to navigate these waters with efficiency, grace, and empathy. A sharp, thoughtful communications strategy can help you break through and reach the right audiences at the right times – even more crucial in this environment. And we’ve been there before – our leadership team started their careers in the dot-com bust’s shadow and worked through the ‘08 crisis with some of the brands that defined the next chapter in tech.

The Key was built with the agility necessary for this moment. We want to be your comms partner and weather this storm together.

The Key has launched dozens of startups, built brands, and created multi-dimensional communications programs for a wide range of companies. Our mission is to tell a new story - including who’s featured as a leading character- and to do so, we empower people and companies to unlock their best potential through high-impact, low-bullshit communications.

At the heart of our programs is sharp strategy, story development, thoughtful media outreach, and real consultation. With a strong focus on early-stage companies, we also have rich experience in tech, consumer, nonprofit and social impact work, along with PR strategy and support for several established companies.

We're a women-led agency with diversity among our core values. We want to broaden the world's impression of who starts and leads world-changing companies by fighting for more representation.


  • Conduct a competitive landscape analysis to understand your company’s current market position, reporters to win over, and media white space to own
  • Refresh messaging, positioning, and branding that resonate with your key audiences
  • Create and evolve long-term strategic plans to support brand awareness
  • Design and execute robust media relations programs from soup to nuts – from strategizing and pitching to measuring results
  • Manage thought leadership programs to establish your executive’s expert voice on the right platforms
  • Support event and speaking programs that meet your audiences at the source
  • Coordinate social media influencer campaigns to further amplify your brand
  • Manage (and win!) awards programs to validate your company and increase visibility
  • Conduct media training to ensure your spokespeople are prepped and ready for the spotlight – ranging all the way from a team-led media training to a series of producer-run video trainings for broadcast
  • And more (pretty sure we could make a kitchen sink with the right tools…)!

Our network is strong; most work has been referred to us by current and former clients or colleagues, by VCs, or by reporters who’ve seen our impact firsthand. Investors see us as a smart spend, especially when a story is complex and the audiences vary.

We take our reputation and our referrals seriously — and want to showcase what The Key can unlock. Give us a holler: yo@thekeypr.com.

Take a look at some of the phenomenal BIPOC-led companies that we’ve partnered with over the years.

Case Studies

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