A Key PR Summer Retrospective

Sep 8, 2023

It’s September! You know what that means. Queue the sizzle reel cause it’s time for a Key PR summer retrospective.

As a values-based company, The Key is guided as individuals and as a team by our Key Agreements, a series of tenets to which each teammate commits in how we care for ourselves, work with teammates, with clients and with the media.

Our summer centered on two Agreements, as we collectively looked to recharge while still helping our clients tell a new story in an economy that’s requiring companies to do more with less.

Because we agree to Play a Team Sport, we were able to celebrate and leverage our - and our clients - diverse skills, experiences and strengths to great results. We pushed each other to excel and pulled each other up.

Because we agree to Be Fiercely Loyal, we covered each other’s vacation times to allow folks deep rest, stepping up to deliver excellence on more than our own dedicated work.

And rest and excel we did.

First, the rest and recovery. Witnessing 2,000 scarlet ibis come home to roost in Brazil. Unplanned run-ins with Men’s Fashion Week and Fête de la Musique in Paris. Ziplining in the Mexican rainforest. Experiencing the breathtaking Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Watching all of the Harry Potter series for the first time. Red Rocks, Calistoga, the Gotham Club at Giants Stadium. Our team’s summer adventures were as varied as the services we offer our clients.

And while we filled our cups in our own ways, every teammate stepped up and in to help continue to push the agency forward. We welcomed incredible new clients, partnered with celebs, landed a client on Real Simple’s Smart Money Awards (shoutout Nestment and former Key clients UNest and Divvy), managed an acquisition and announced a cleantech pilot with the world’s largest omnichannel retailer.

And that’s just a few of the highlights.

Newest to our roster are the wickedly talented Wicked Saints, the Black female-led video game studio helmed by Co-founder and CEO Jessica Murrey … keep an eye out for news soon.

We are also flexing our fintech expertise with a company currently in stealth.

Through strategic communications that included exclusives, thought leadership, data storytelling, creative campaigns and more,
The Key:

  • Announced a caffeinated collab for Fellow with the NBA’s resident coffee guy Jimmy Butler’s Big Face Coffee;
  • Landed an exclusive on Rubi’s pilot partnership with Walmart in Bloomberg (and also a killer feature with FastCo’s Adele Peters);
  • Helped Descript cement its status as the one-stop-shop to record, edit and publish podcasts and videos through the Squadcast acquisition;  
  • Continued to position Shopkick as a leader in consumer behavior to key buyers; and
  • Streamlined the procurement process for businesses watching every dollar through Fairmarkit’s partnership with Amazon.

    Do you also feel the energy shifting? While the weather may be heading toward cooling down, the startup scene and news cycles seem to be heating up!

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