Amy Lesnick is inspiring corporations to commit to giving back

Feb 25, 2022

Amy Lesnick joined Netscape in 1997 — two years after its IPO and the same year that its homepage was the most visited website on the internet. She used to joke with late adopters that the internet was here to stay. Today, she hopes the same will ring true for corporate giving.

Co-founded by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar, Pledge 1% is a global movement — and a nonprofit based in San Francisco — that challenges corporations at any stage in their trajectories to make a significant impact by taking a pledge to give back at least 1% of their resources.

Companies wishing to take the pledge can choose from a selection of personal equity, company equity, time, a product and profit and then work with Pledge 1% to conceptualize larger philanthropic goals and issues of interest to company leaders and their employees, all the while empowering decision-makers to do more.

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