Evolving Our Key Agreements

Sep 11, 2023

Working in PR agencies means every day is different, as we navigate news cycles and keep on top of rapidly changing trends in tech and business. So it’s grounding to be able to lean on our Key Agreements as a constant, to remind us daily about our values and principles.

Our Agreements have been instrumental in guiding us forward, and what makes them especially powerful is that they are not passed down; they are crafted by us, for us. When the pandemic hit, our founder Martha Shaughnessy (she/her) recognized the importance of revisiting our Agreements to ensure they aligned with our priorities during an incredibly challenging time.

In 2020, our Agreements served as a compass when we desperately needed it, steering us through chaos, uncertainty, and fear. And now, as we continue to evolve The Key and adapt to the current macroeconomic climate, our commitment to our Agreements remains steadfast.

Last week, our team had the invaluable opportunity to partner with our business coaches at CoCreate Work, Chloe Anderson, and La’Kita Williams, to once again ensure that our Agreements match our current goals and identity. Chloe orchestrated sessions where we broke into smaller groups to dissect and define what each Agreement means to us at this moment - for ourselves, as a team, and for our clients and the journalists we work with. Truthfully, I wasn't sure if there would be a consensus, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Amidst the changes and growth we've experienced in recent years, it was reassuring to discover that we all share a deep alignment with our Agreements. This alignment is what makes our team special – a group of like-minded public relations professionals who are driven by the same values and commitment to our clients.

Our Agreements serve as a constant reminder that, despite obstacles, we remain a united front, bound by a common purpose.

Navigating the Future

The path forward may not always be easy or clear, but our Agreements will continue to serve as our guiding light. They are the foundation upon which we build trust, authenticity, and lasting relationships. In the ever-evolving PR industry, having established values that resonate with everyone is how we tell a new story.

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