Near Space Labs Debuts Ultra-high Resolution Earth Images

Feb 3, 2022

The big picture: This makes Near Space Labs the only company to offer imagery this detailed on the commercial market right now.

  • One other company, Albedo, is planning to offer imagery at this resolution via satellites in 2023 or 2024. Most satellites whose imagery is commonly shared in the media, for example, have 30-cm resolution.
  • In images with the new, higher resolution, one can pick out a soccer ball in a field.

Why it matters...The new optical imagery has many use cases relevant to climate and energy interests:

  • Energy companies can monitor their operations, including pipelines and other infrastructure.
  • For the insurance industry, which can quickly conduct damage assessments after extreme weather and climate events, and even write claims or underwrite policies remotely.
  • First responders can track floods and wildfires.
  • Environmental groups can keep tabs on environmental threats such as habitat destruction, or watch over industrial operations.

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