On-Demand Laundry Marketplace hampr Announces Commercial Offering to Support Businesses

Jan 29, 2024

The commercial vertical gives businesses access to flexible, high-quality laundry services

LAFAYETTE, La., Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- hampr, the peer-to-peer on-demand laundry marketplace, today announces the launch of its commercial vertical, providing businesses with flexible outsourced laundry options. Business owners who use hampr won't find themselves trapped in rigid, long-term contracts. Instead, they'll have access to a scalable laundry service that adapts to the evolving needs of business owners, giving them the freedom they deserve.

"With our commercial offering, business owners no longer have to choose between handling laundry personally or relying on larger service providers," said Laurel Hess, CEO at hampr. "Now, they can liberate themselves from inflexible contracts and scale their laundry services seamlessly."

How It Works:
Convenient Pick-up: A hampr representative schedules a pick-up time at the user's convenience, offering both recurring and on-demand options
Expert Cleaning: hampr's professional and vetted washrs handle the pick-up, ensuring the linens are cleaned with high-quality detergent per user specifications
Fresh Delivery: The cleaned linens are returned fresh and folded the next day

Many caretakers cannot participate in the workforce without sacrificing their caregiving responsibilities. hampr's commercial offering gives stay-at-home parents, caregivers, and retirees a steady and flexible revenue stream as washrs, allowing them to generate income from home while taking care of loved ones.

washrs go through rigorous background checks, similar to those for school teachers, ensuring a high level of trust. Users can also inquire about the laundry processing equipment, adding an extra layer of assurance. Beyond excellent service, choosing hampr means contributing to and supporting dedicated community members; it's a two-way street of trust and support.

To sign up for hampr or to become a washr, visit

About hampr
Founded in 2020 and based in Lafayette, LA, hampr is building the peer-to-peer marketplace engine that will power the care economy with a supply base like no other. Starting with the laundry load, hampr creates a virtuous ecosystem on a hyperlocal level building community and connection. hampr offers a previously untapped and overlooked workforce - stay-at-home parents and retirees - an income-generating opportunity in their community where they understand the unique needs of households in their area. The result is flexibility and a steady revenue stream for washrs and peace-of-mind and precious time back for busy families.

hampr has already captured the attention of high-profile investors Techstars and Benson Capital Partners. For more information, visit

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