Output, Loved by Grammy Winning Music Producers, Announces Co-Producer AI that Sparks (vs. Steals) Musical Creativity

Dec 12, 2023

Co-Producer launches with AI-powered Pack Generator to help music makers at every level explore ideas by simply describing them

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12, 2023 -- Output, a global leader in music creation software, today introduces Co-Producer, a generative AI technology that promises to supercharge human creativity in music-making, not replace it. Co-Producer's first tool is Pack Generator, which allows anyone to create a unique royalty-free sample pack by simply describing it with a text prompt.

Pack Generator stands apart from other AI music tools — it's not built for generative music or trained on copyrighted material. Instead, it's a sophisticated sample generator fueled by a blend of generative AI and authentic audio samples from real musicians. It's purpose-built to help music makers find new ideas quickly, allowing them to focus on the more nuanced elements of music creation, such as arranging, mixing, and composing.

"We are a company built by musicians so we are deeply connected to the cultural conflict between AI's capabilities and our own creativity," said Gregg Lehrman, producer, composer, and Founder/CEO of Output. "We believe that AI can enable us all to spend more time making music and less time dealing with mundane tasks like searching for sounds, for example. Technology should never take away from the creative process for those that want it."

Using Pack Generator, anyone can explore ideas with a simple text description of a mood, genre, instrument, artist, key, and tempo. They can generate previews of unique ideas as audio tracks, pick a direction, and then download a full pack of 30 royalty-free samples that can be used in the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice, from Ableton and Garageband to Logic Pro or Pro Tools.

Using musical terms or plain language, Pack Generator helps anyone realize musical concepts in seconds:

  • Suggest an emotion ("moody sounds for a rainy day")
  • Ask for samples appropriate for a specific event or occasion ("vibrant, upbeat composition that embodies the feel of a music festival")
  • Model stems based on a band, artist or genre ("reflect the musical style of Drake")
  • Prompt for key and tempo ("heavy techno 150 bpm with synths in F sharp")
  • Or go wild and come up with something no one's ever heard!

"Output has been an indispensable part of music insiders' creative workflow for ten years," continued Lehrman. "Now, Co-Producer puts the power of AI to work to help music makers unlock more time to be creative."

More Output Co-Producer AI music creation tools are planned for 2024. Stay tuned.

About Output Inc.
Output is a global leader in music creation software–powering some of the biggest hitmakers in the world behind the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Bjork, Billie Eilish, Skrillex, and Beyonce as well as shows and films like Stranger Things, Black Panther, and countless others. A 5-time winner of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, Output is best known for tools such as Portal, Exhale, and Rev as well as Arcade, one of the first cloud-based music plugins with an ever-expanding library of innovative samples, instruments, and FX. Output was founded by Gregg Lehrman, an ASCAP award-winning producer and composer, with original music featured on Saturday Night Live, The Super Bowl, Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, League of Legends, and trailers including Avatar,& The Avengers among others.

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