ReturnSafe in Fortune: "With a Vaccine Mandate Looming, These Apps Help Businesses Check Which Employees Got Vaxxed"

Nov 1, 2021

Excerpt. Read the article here.

Apps could help lower the cost of verification

The cost of specialized software to verify and track employees’ COVID vaccination status can range in price from $1 to $6 per employee per month, says Sandy Goldstein, clinical services leader at Mercer, a firm that provides advice and solutions around corporate health benefits, talent recruitment, risk management strategies, and reopening plans.

ReturnSafe—a company that has helped more than 75 employers including the San Antonio Spurs, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago implement COVID-19 safety protocols—says it costs $1.50 per employee per month or $18 per employee per year for software to track vaccines and test results at large volumes.

That’s not terribly expensive, but those costs can add up, especially for many small businesses who are struggling to return to normal operations. Free is better.

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