"Stand Up & Take Up Space": Listen to Martha's Guest Appearance on the "Love Over Metrics" Podcast

May 21, 2019

Martha was recently invited to share some her experience as an entrepreneur and leader with our wonderful business partner Jadah Sellner, creator and boss of Love Over Metrics. Together, they explored what it means to leave the boys club and redefine work on our terms as female leaders.

We are so pleased to share the final result!

“Stand Up & Take Up Space” with Martha Shaughnessy - 158

Jadah Sellner



Click each timestamp to take you directly to that part of the episode:

[6:27] What it looked like in the past when Martha hasn’t been able to bring her whole self to her work

[13:57] Her escape plan to leave her former corporate position and the shifts she had to make in order to transition to being an entrepreneur

[18:10] Martha’s collaboration with the Women’s March in San Francisco and how the opportunity presented itself, and came together

[20:26] The story of how her company was named and its significance in relation to what they offer their employees and clients

[23:03] The way Martha turned her shortcomings into her strengths as a team leader and why she views the company as a single team that wins and loses together

[26:12] What have been the key ingredients for building a company culture that people want to be a part of

[29:02] The benefits she is most proud to offer members of her team

[31:29] What big challenges she has faced as the company has grown

[35:35] The ladder that Martha has built for equal pay and how The Key PR is creating a money-savvy group of employees

[41:50] What she does to unwind and be more present when not at work

[51:41] The most valuable marketing Martha says she has done since starting the company

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