Summer 2021: Reflections

Sep 9, 2021

As we ease into the Fall months, our team is reflecting on summer memories, both personal and professional!


Personal: There've been so many amazing summer trips, but my all time favorite experience was swimming with dolphins and turtles in Hawaii.

Professional: This is going to sound like a cliche but seeing everybody’s growth on the team and knowing that I’m growing along with them.



Personal: Huge summer for us. Took the leap and moved out of the Bay to settle by the river. Adjusting a 5 and 8 year old to a new town, new friends, and new school.

Professional: Showing up for my team always and forever. Hard decisions made to practice our values.



Personal: I had a beautiful summer spending time with people I love. One of my favorite memories is going to Valle de Guadalupe to celebrate two of my bestie’s birthdays.

Professional: Crossing the finish line to take Doma public! I’m grateful to have experienced the journey and learning curves with an incredible, supportive team.



Personal: took lots of trips! Pent up wanderlust appeased with trips to Maui, Cabo, San Diego and Rancho Palos Verdes. Each one full of sunshine and belly laughs.

Professional: Modeling rest and recuperation for my team; watching keepers hit new milestones as the step into strength!



Personal: I spent lots of time outside and explored some beautiful places like Colorado, The Grand Canyon and Seattle. I also mastered the art of making the perfect homemade pizza.

Professional: Seeing the bigger PR picture and stepping it up on my accounts. It’s been fun getting to know my colleagues and their working style so we can execute exciting projects together!



Personal: I had the best summer celebrating life and the people I love. I explored my new city, I hugged friends and family I haven’t seen in over a year, I traveled to new places, I ate, I drank, and I laughed -- a lot.

Professional: Had the great pleasure of training some of our awesome new teammates!



Personal: Celebrating one brother’s college graduation and the other brother's wedding engagement!  

Professional: Creating new, lasting relationships with media


Personal: I got engaged!  

Professional: Working with the best team to help take Doma public. Wasn’t always fun, but the inside jokes and side Slacks gave me some of my best belly laughs and gave me life during all the stress.



Personal: I’ve always wanted to do martial arts as a kid but my parents could never afford it. This summer I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under a principled and socially conscious teacher in Dom Hoskins! Check out the link in his bio to help his academy find a permanent location!

Professional: Getting hired by The Key and meeting new colleagues that help me be the best PR professional I can be!



Personal: Adventures with friends old and new in Mexico City, Cabo, Nashville, and New York

Professional: Hustling to build meaningful relationships with prospective clients, reporters, and members of of our kickass team



Personal: Like Seth Rogan before me, I became a potter! Started taking class on a whim and fell hard for the people and art  at the newest clay studio in SF @wheelhouseclaysf

Professional: Any successful funding announcement during this crazy summer is a highlight. The Key makes it happen by being strategic, plugged in and dogged in placing those important startup stories.



Personal: Getting another motorcycle!! Riding can be exhilarating, centering, and freeing all at the same time :)

Professional: Helping take a company public via SPAC during one of the craziest, record years for IPOs and the public markets.



Personal: Graduating college and getting to celebrate with my friends and family!

Professional: Starting my first post-grad, full time job at The Key and getting to meet all my amazing colleagues while learning the ins and outs of a PR agency.



Personal: So fun to see my kids back in-person with their friends in summer camp, and help them prep for school back in the classroom. To wrap up our summer, we took a trip to Willits, California, and took the “Skunk Train” through incredible redwood forests.

Professional: Building our team is always exciting, and this summer we got to welcome two awesome Apprentices! (Ginsey & Michael)



Personal: Getting married -- a 2+ year feat due to the pandemic -- and all of the fun festivities that came along with it!

Professional: Working on a few really big and impactful stories for my clients.



Personal: Getting to travel again! My favorite adventure this summer was to Arizona and Utah, where I rented a house with some friends and got to spend a ton of time outside on hikes, make delicious food together, and share some amazing views.

Professional: Joining the team! I already feel like I’ve been at The Key for ages - in the best way - as I’ve been able to quickly build some incredible relationships with clients, colleagues, and reporters.


Personal: Traveling to Hawaii and making frequent trips to visit my family in Southern California.

Professional: Starting a new role at the Key and being on the agency side of things rather than being the client.



Personal: I’ve had an amazing summer exploring the many restaurants, museums and historical sites of Los Angeles. I was also lucky enough to finally walk across the stage for my college commencement - a little over a year since graduating!

Professional: Taking on new accounts, bigger projects and learning more about the wonderful work of PR!



Personal: I spent my summer traveling to a new city across the States each week of July. From the ranches of Texas to the national monuments in DC to reunions in New York and LA, it was a trip to remember.

Professional: The support of amazing Keymates allowed me to gain more confidence to speak during client meetings.

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