Why Tesla and Apple Designers Are Joining This Coffee Startup

Jun 15, 2022

The founders of Google, Yahoo, and Instagram famously began working on their companies while students at Stanford. But Jake Miller spent his Stanford years working on a decidedly more analog product: a kettle.

As a coffee nerd, Miller was fixated with building a kettle that was equally beautiful and flavor-enhancing of the specialty beans he loved. While at Stanford, he began prototyping an electric kettle with a sleek matte exterior and a long, slim spout for a perfect pour-over experience. When Miller graduated with his MBA in 2013, he launched Fellow, with the kettle as its first product.

Today, Fellow has a portfolio of two dozen coffee-related products—many of which have won design awards—and a team of 80 employees, a quarter of whom were previously designers at Tesla, Apple, Google, and other tech giants. The company is poised for even more growth, having just snagged $30 million in Series B funding.

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