Writer: Automating the Work of Writing

Jul 23, 2023

"Writer is one of several new startups that are attempting to apply emerging A.I. technology to the onerous task of writing. Like many technological innovations, writing robots are meant to create efficiency, particularly for businesses that have to produce large amounts of iterative text. Writer has relationships with companies such as the consulting firm Accenture, the technology company Intuit, and the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret; commissions for customized models run in the seven figures. (Mine was created as an experiment, free of charge, without some of the intensive features that a corporation’s version would include.) With the help of Writer’s tools, the company hopes, a smaller number of human writers assisted by machines will accomplish the work of many, cutting down costs and increasing productivity in the composition of everything from product descriptions and tweets to C.E.O. messages, investors’ memos, and blog-post headlines. In a March report, Goldman Sachs concluded that three hundred million full-time jobs worldwide are vulnerable to this form of A.I. automation, the majority of them desk jobs. Alshikh speaks of the service as a kind of assembly line for language. “We had the Industrial Revolution; now we have this,” he said."

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